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Technology, a dating app et voilà…

On a Wednesday, two smiles, one powerful connection, looking for love, having faith in God, we took a leap of faith and never looked back. We have been inseparable ever since.

We were introduced to two worlds that we are still exploring together. Despite the pandemic, we have been able to learn to love and enjoy what life has to offer. Together with our children we enjoy the outdoors by biking, kayaking, swimming, or hiking through some of the big parks of south Florida or while visiting new areas on an unplanned road trip. We love to travel to disconnect from work, enjoy food, and have fun times with the family. We both love our cooking; we compliment each other on who is the better cook. Vanessa cooks that mean soup, while Karl cooks that spicy legume. After a good dinner with some nice wine, we both love to dance, we can escape and enjoy the moment with  Kompa, Reggae or African rhythm. We will get the party started anywhere we make our dancefloor. 

We pray, we dance, we listen to music, we take walks on the beach, we help the community, and we love together. 
Our two worlds are becoming one, a world we will continue to discover together. We are inviting you into our world, our faith, our family, and our celebration of love. Get ready, pack your suitcases, and join us in Jamaica for our wedding celebration.
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